5-K run/walk

5-K Run/Walk Info

The 5-K run/walk course is shown in Purple on the course map

The 5-K run/walk begins at 7:00 am. walkers are encouraged to start at the back of the runners to allow for a smooth start. The course begins just north of the Japanese Gardens. (same as the run) The walk/run event will be timed.

Go south on the Eaton Trail, turn right on the trail at Audobon towards the entrance of the park.  Cross the entrance road and stay on the paved road.  A volunteer will direct you on to the grass area along Audobon.  You will stay on the dirt trail until approximately Mile 1.4 and make a right.  Volunteers will hold up signs directing you.  You will continue on the dirt path for about 50 yards at which time you'll cross the road.  Follow the chalk lines, since there may not be a volunteer after this point.  Follow the lines until you come on to next paved road and head into the finish area from there.