1. What time does the race start?

All events begin at 7:00 am at the same start line

2. A family emergency has come up or I'm injured, can I get a refund?

No. Consistent with all races The Wascally does not offer a refund for entry fees. An entry bib cannot be transferred to another runner, nor rolled over to following years.

3. Is the race a staggered start?

No. all runners will begin at the same time. Your time does not start until you cross the start line timer. The Wascally offers pacers so runners are encouraged to line up in their respective corral.

4. I was too ambitious and cannot complete the ½ marathon course by myself, can I switch events?

Yes. You can switch events up until the day before the race during packet pick up. If you change to a less costly event there will not be a refund. There are no fees associated with your change of races.

5. Can someone else pick up my race packet?

Yes. Please ensure that the person picking up your packet has a copy of your registration confirmation email. Race packets are picked up at Sole 2 Soul. Date and time can be found at; www.thewascally.com

6. What are the distances for the Half Marathon relay teams?

The first runner runs 6 miles and the second runner runs 7.1 miles.

7. Will the two mile fun run/walk be timed?

Yes. However awards are not given for placing. You will receive a shirt, medal and breakfast.

8. What is the expected temperature during the race?

The last two years the temperature for the start of the race has been in low 70's. By the end of the race the temperature can get as high as 80-85 degree's .

9. Will there be a bag drop off location before the start of the race?

Yes. All bags should be clearly marked in the same goodie bag that was given to you when you received your packet. All items that are not marked or collected afterward will be donated to goodwill. The Wascally is not be responsible for loss of expensive or valuables items lost during the race.

10. Are ipod, iphones, and other listening devices permitted?

Yes. The course does not leave the park and therefore runners are never on surface streets. You are encouraged to be aware of your surroundings and stay to the right of the trail to allow faster runners and weekend cyclists to pass.

11. Where can I park?

There is plenty of free parking inside the park. However you may have to pay a $5 dollar park entrance fee if they are charging. (get there early)

12. Will my family be allowed inside the finisher's area?

Yes. We encourage all family to wait for their runner inside of the finish area. Family members are encouraged to bring as much enthusiasm and cow bells as they can find.

13. When will my results be available?

Results will be available immediately after the race and will be on our website within minutes after the race. The Wascally uses a disposable timing chip.

14. When will awards be given out?

The overall and age group awards will begin at 9:00 am. If you must leave and cannot wait for your award email the race director to make arrangements for pick. Awards will not be mailed. Awards not claimed will be donated.

15. What if my distance and time are different on my Garmin than the course?

The course is a certified course and therefore cannot be longer or shorter than 13.1. If there is a difference, it means you probably took extra steps to get around other runners, veered off, or took a wrong turn.

16. Are baby strollers allowed for the Half Marathon?


17. Are strollers and baby carriers allowed in the 2 mile fun run/walk?

Yes. All participants with strollers and baby carriers must start at the very back of the race. No exceptions.

18. Are dogs allowed on the course?


19. Are bicycles allowed on the course?

No. Because of the narrow trails on the course, a bike would make it very dangerous for runners and the cyclist.

20. Will there be pacers?
Yes. The Wascally will have pacers beginning with 1:30 and will continue with pacers in increments of 5 minutes till 2:30. There will also be a lead pacer on a bike to ensure the lead runners stay on the course.

21. Will there be aid stations on the course?
Yes. There will be plenty of water stations along the course. You will also have the opportunity to ask to be soaked by our volunteers with Super Soakers along the course.