Two Person Half-Marathon Relay Info

The route is the same, however a few things to note;

Runner 1: Route in Red on the map.

Runner 1 will begin at the same time and location as all other half marathon runners.
Runner 1 will run the first 6 miles of the course and will hand off the baton (a carrot) to runner 2 at the exchange point. Runner 1 will then walk back to the finish area. There will be a shuttle van to drive lazy or tired runners back to the start area. There will be a water station at the exchange area.

Runner Leg 1. has a shorter distance but has a few more hills and should be given to the runner of the team who is "less experienced".

Runner 2: Route in Blue on the map. Runner 2 will walk to the exchange area just before the race starts. The exchange area is about a 15 minute walk from the start on The Eaton Trail near the first bridge. This will be a good warm up for runner two. However there will be a vehicle to take runners to the exchange.

It should take runner 1 anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes to get to the exchange area. (Or longer if runner 1 is enjoying the river view). Runner 2 will be able to cheer for runner 1 from the top of the bluff while runner 1 goes around the Jensen River Loop. Race staff will call out the number of a relay participant as they approach the exchange area so runner 2 can be ready to take the carrot.

Runner 2 will stay on the Eaton Trail until they reach the turn-around area. There will be a water station and race staff at the turn around area to direct you. On your way back you will re-enter the park at the "compass circle" and stay on the Eaton Trail path. Stay on the path along Friant Road, turn right on the trail near Audubon toward the entrance to the park. (volunteer will direct you)

Cross the entrance to the park and stay on the inside paved road along Highway 41 going clock-wise. Proceed to the finish line next to the fenced-in area by the maintenance yard.